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Plus Five

Cutlite Penta
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Plus Five

Cutlite Penta
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PLUS FIVE is an innovative 5-axis laser cutting system of which 3 Cartesian (X, Y, Z) and two polar B, C. The monolithic structure with on-board laser source allows to reduce installation times to a minimum and guarantees extreme stability of the optical alignments. The linear motors of the X and Y axes guarantee excellent dynamic performances, with very high precision. The motors for the rotary axes (B, C) are fixed and the rotation motion is transmitted to the focusing head by means of coaxial sleeves.

This allows to obtain a head with reduced dimensions and such to be able to insert it during the working in very narrow spaces
– Great application flexibility: flat cutting, three-dimensional pieces cutting, pipe cutting, inclined cutting
– Excellent cutting quality and great precision
– Excellent performance on the market for 3D system
– Movable optics: precision independent of the weight of the piece
– Simpler and less expensive equipment
– Faster and easier production changes compared to mobile table systems
– Total accessibility, simple installation
– Structure with excellent mechanical characteristics
– Possibility to choose different configurations and to adapt the system to its production needs
– Low investment and reduced operating costs

Technical features

  • 2D working area: 1500x1500mm; 2000x2000mm; 3000x1500mm; 4000x2000mm

  • 3D working area: 900x900mm

  • Z axis: 750 mm

  • 2D working area: 1500x1500mm; 2000x2000mm; 3000x1500mm; 4000x2000mm

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