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Cutlite Penta
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Cutlite Penta
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The OF 2515 model is the one that has most consolidated its position over the time in the field of working flat elements for use in the paper industry. Its working area of 2500x1500mm covers all standard sizes of obtainable formats. The machine is made up of a moving table along two axes X and Y , and a fixed head that guarantees cutting regularity over the entire surface to be worked. Axes run along appropriate rails through the motion of servomotors and ball screws. Powers available range from 1000W to 3000W with the use of Slab Rofin Sinar sources. By increasing the laser source power, the cutting speed will also increase (continuous and/or pulse cutting), resulting in a higher production capacity of the machine.

The OF 2515 model is equipped with :

A cutting head that works axially with a hold-down that always ensures the right focusing of the cutting head on the material to be worked, by compensating for any material thickness differences, a next-generation CNC Smart Manager Numeric Control which allows, through an appropriate Post Processor, connection with all CAD’s existing on the market that can generate DXF files and/or other vector file formats.

This model can also be integrated with some devices that are necessary to develop further workings:

– Galvanometer unit : it is used to carry out logos, codes , etc., on the die-board surface, in such a way as to report identification information of the product being worked.

– Capacitive head : it works at high pressure for cutting metals. It can cut both plywood and metal without any need to change the head; it is equipped with an electronic sensor that can detect any thickness differences or deformation of the metal plate, thus avoiding contact with the metal material being cut.

Internet connection is also available between the machine and the manufacturing company for remote technical support.

Technical features

  • Laser Power: 1000 - 1500 - 2000 - 2500 - 3000 W

  • Working area: "2515" 2500 x 1500mm; "3015" 3050x1550mm

  • Z axis:120 mm

  • Speed: 30m/min

  • Accelleration: 400mm/sec2

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