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Cutlite Penta
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Cutlite Penta
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The new CO2 LMP laser cutting system is now part of the Cutlite Penta family. Designed to meet the market demands for small-sized machines with excellent speed and precision performance. The 1515 version can therefore represent the market entry-level system.

LMP meets this demand, maintaining the linear motor architecture and the all-in- one feature of the bigger Plus, as well as the same cutting head, with the possibility of designing and programming on board the machine thus making it a highly versatile system. Its installation takes maximum two working days.

• Small and compact: Its footprint is slightly larger than its working area
• Full of technology: linear motors, process sensors, radio frequency (RF) source Possibility of adding a galvanometer marking system
• All in one: electrical units, laser source, control panel, all integrated This ensures high travel speeds and high precision in the marking process
• Easy and fast installation : the machine is ready to start production with the customer in one day
• CAD CAM software integrated on board the machine

Technical features

  • Laser Power: 350, 550, 750, 850 W

  • Work area: 1515; 2015

  • Z axis: 80 mm

  • Speed: Up to 140 m/min

  • Accelleration: Over 25 m/s2

  • Working area: 1500x1500 mm; 2000x1500 mm

  • Precision: 0.1 mm

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