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Variant Varipiper

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Variant Varipiper

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High productivity, effective cutting and automated transport of pipes and profiles, these are the key points of the Variant Varipiper. The finalized product is immediately ready for the next step in the production process, which can be connected to the same conveyor.

The Variant Varipiper is suitable for cutting pipe connections and 3D shapes, controlled through a 2D or 3D CadCam connection.

Offshore industry, platform development
Construction work
Tank and kettle production
Streetlight manufacturing

3D pipe and profile cutting
Standard movement length 3000 mm
High efficiency due to an automated conveyor system
3D CNC controller (12 programmable axis) with standard fast programming shapes
Completely finalized products (welding edges, connections and pipe ends).
Suited for plasma cutting
Suited for oxy fuel cutting

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