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A60 Series (Cutmaster A60)

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A60 Series (Cutmaster A60)

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The following video presents Cutmaster A120 with a SL 100 SV torch (with solenoid valve) on our CNC table made in Poland.

ESAB plasma cutters are plasma sources with a well-established market position. We offer a whole range of ESAB devices such as: A40, A60, A80, A120. The A (Automation) series is designed for automation. The devices are characterized by reliability and increased efficiency when compared to manual cutting plasma sources. A series are equipped with a CNC socket allowing connection to a plasma plotter control unit. ESAB plasma cutters are leading devices in the automated cutting category. Thanks to the excellent SL100®SV 1Torch® handles with ATC standard (torch lead length 7.6 m or 10.7 m or 15.2 m), they provide a fast, reliable start and a strong pilot arc piercing even thick sheets. After even long-term operation, the torch is cooled down thanks to the use of vortex air circulation in its components. ATC standard – allows quick connection of a manual or automated torch.

ESAB A series / Victor Technologies

<strong>Advantages of Cutmaster plasma cutters that our Rapid Fire team has always considered as key and distinctive (you won’t find that in ESAB brochure or other distributors) </strong>:

In the “A Series”, the work cycle reach <strong> 80% </strong> in the most difficult conditions.

Light and compact design. In addition, <strong> holders for permanent attachment of the machine </strong> are installed in the case.

<strong> The solenoid valve on the SL 100 handle is a masterpiece </strong>. It shortens the production cycle. The torch starts and stabilize much faster than with the classic solution that occurs in most plasma cutters which causes problems with supplying air and extends the time of the whole process.

<strong> Low frequency arc start </strong> – also, unlike ordinary plasma cutters, it does not input interference into the electrical network. It is highly recommended for correct work of the control computer or other electronic devices nearby. Using HF (High Frequency) ignition of the torch the interferance can be so great that additional insulation of the wires and proper positioning of the source are necessary. All of this has impact into the quality of the plasma beam.

<strong>Software automatically recognizes the type of handle </strong> (manual or automatic) and switches operating mode of the device.

<strong> Dedicated software </strong> works in a variety of applications. Admittedly the American company has created very universal plasma sources. We tested Cutmaster in various CNC devices. It works well in such solusions as: CNC tables / plotters, CNC machines for cutting pipes and semi-automatic solutions.

<strong> With automatic restart of pilot arc </strong> it can also cut metal mesh.

It has<strong> a drawer </strong> installed in the metal casing of the device. Very useful for storing basic burner spare parts.

<strong> Integrated system </strong> informing about errors using LEDs: during installation of the device, lack of air pressure, wrong fitting of torch parts, lack of parts, faulty power supply, damage of the components.

<strong> It is worth to mention </strong> that Cutmaster device have been produced since <strong> 2008 </strong>. Design has been kept the same but there are constant changes in electronic components to improve and meet the challenges proposed by the competition.

<strong> 1Torch handle </strong> is a proven design created in <strong> 2002 </strong>. So far no manufacturer has invented such a refined tool. One of the main reasons the manufacturer must develop a new model is because of expiring patents on torch components. We must admit that there are more and more substitutes on the market that spoil the reputation and often are made of poor quality alloys.


It is interesting fact that Victor Technologies / Thermal Dynamics recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. In the annex for the 75th anniversary of The Golden Bridge, Arnold Schwarzenegger used the Victor torch to cut the “ribbon” during the bridge opening ceremony.

<p style=”text-align: right;”>Rapid Fire Team fans of plasma cutting.</p>

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