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ForCUT 263 WDM

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ForCUT 263 WDM

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The FORCUT 263WDM plasma cutter is the most powerful model among the Formica ForCut series. The modern device is specially designed for processing all electrically conductive materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.). Meets the requirements of EN 60974-1 welding and plasma cutting standards.

The interface is adapted to work with CNC controllers from all manufacturers. The transistor switching technology significantly increases the quality of the cut and extends the life of the consumtable materials, while significantly reducing the mains supply current. The arc current is adjustable from 20 to 260 A, independent of changes in network, cable length or torch length. The use of water burner cooling technology significantly reduces gas consumption and the formation of unwanted fumes in the treatment area. This allows for a significant increase in cutting speed compared to gas-cooled torches.

The device is intended for working in normal conditions, in non-explosive and non-aggressive environments, i.e. for use in closed buildings, nearby and in a mild climate.

The machines can be manufactured in a special construction dedicated for the requirements of a particular customer (for use in single-function machines, production lines, with materials with irregular cutting surfaces).

Check the brochure for the ForCut family of devices or visit the manufacturer’s website.

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