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Spaziomatic Bar Stock Vertical storage

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Spaziomatic Bar Stock Vertical storage

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Spaziomatic for tubes, pipes and bars is the most innovative product in the Sideros storage system production range. Spaziomatic for tubes and pipes is proposed in 2 configurations: singel tower with frontal elevator, double tower with central elevator. Both configurations can be equipped with front/rear load and unloading bays.

Sideros offers a wide range of storage systems for tubes and pipes in different sizes depending on material lenght. They vary between 4000 and 8000 mm (13.1 in and 26.2 ft) and between 700 and 1000 mm (28 and 39.3 in) in width. The standard load capacities of each drawer can be 1500 or 3000 kg (3,300 lbs or 6,600 lbs).

A dedicated software permits not only an easy and automatic handling of all the operations concerning the deposit and withdrawal of the material, but also to have an updated inventory status.

Tubes and pipes sizes:

700 X 4,000 mm (2.3 x 13 ft)

900 x 4,000 mm (3 x 13 ft)

700 x 6,000 mm (2.3 x 20 ft)

900 x 6,000 mm (3 x 20 ft)

700 x 7,000 mm (2.3 x 23 ft)

900 x 7,000 mm (3 x 23 ft)

Larger and longer sizes upon request


– Material handling costs reduction

– Reduce storage footprint

– Efficient material storage and flow

– Increase workplace safety

– Updated inventory status

– Fast ROI

– Heavy Duty design

– User friendly Touch screen control

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