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EaZy-Tube The One

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EaZy-Tube The One

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The EaZy-Tube The ONE model was created for cutting pipes. It has fully automated rotary clamps. The cut detail is well stabilized and positioned with great accuracy. This design gives the opportunity to speed up the whole process and allows for unlimited variations of cuts. Asymmetrical cuts such as cones are not a problem.

EaZy-Tube is supported by the automatic adjustment system to the pipe diameter and cutting speed. Due to the very fast positioning of the portal (50m / min) it is possible to operate efficiently over long distances. The very short torch positioning time, in turn, increases production efficiency.

The device is a fully digitally controlled machine. The number of sensors has been minimized to reduce interference during operation. Together with the Windows operating system and modern CNC control EaZy Tube ONE will increase the efficiency of your business!

The device is built entirely with European components.

Kluczowe cechy

  • (PL) Długość maks.: 18 m

  • (PL) Szerokość: 1,5 m

  • (PL) Prędkość pozycjonowania: 50 m / min

  • (PL) Oprogramowanie: CNC EaZy-Pro 2014

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